Jinyun lemon tree Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, is a dedicated to household air purifier, commercial sterilization and deodorization purifier, food waste processor, commercial waste treatment equipment research and development and sales of environmental appliances enterprises.

The company's products are mainly for individual families, enterprises and institutions, public health facilities and other leading customers, comprehensive strength in China, technology has reached the international advanced level, products are intelligent, green environmental protection, efficient and other characteristics, and can provide environmental protection solutions.

The company's market positioning for high-end environmental protection equipment production enterprises, is the main partner of multinational companies and well-known domestic enterprises, in the country to advocate the slogan of "green water and green mountains is the box of gold and silver mountains", for the realization of "green environmental protection", "air purification", "sterilization" to provide equipment. Has become schools, public toilets, hospitals, major shopping malls and other well-known domestic partners.

The enterprise has a RESEARCH and development center and innovation management team, with a number of product innovation patents, CQC, CE and other series of certification, after years of market development, has won the trust of more than 150,000 families in China.